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Dear me, it's been a while since Lola checked in with the rest of Lagomorphia hasn't it?

Anyway, hello everybun! I am Hugo Foucault von Fluffybottom Moose-Bun. I moved in with Lola Ana Sophie Moose-Bun in her cage two weeks ago. We have 2 2foots, Emma and Henry who we sometimes call Uncle Gay.
I am half lionhead and half mini lop so I have a fantabulous mane and a gorgeous black nose. Lola nipped me a lot in our first few days but then true love's arrow struck and she consented to groom me, followed by a brief interval humping my face. We are now snuggled together in our cage which the 2foots have just made clean, sweeping up all our gorgeous poo!
I am very excited to meet everybun, Lola has told me all about you! She hasn't done her journal much because she has been helping Emma with some nasty 2 foot buisness but that is done now so hopefully we will be posting a lot-especially when Emma finally settles on lyrics for the Black Buns song (she has written several but they don't feel quite right...)

I am gorgeous, and an absolutely stunning bun but there are no peektures of me yet because Emma hasn't got her camera back, stoopid wench. She will get it soon and then I will show you all how lovely I am. I think I could be a male supermodel.

I am going for a fur cut on Wednesday, Emma says I will stop weeing in the cage and Henry says I had better do or I am going in a pie. What does pie have to do with my lovely mane?

Very excited to meet you all,
Hugo Foucault von Fluffybottom Moose-Bun.
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