dustys_log (dustys_log) wrote,

Chris Moose

It is my second Chris Moose! I am excited an I think Santa Bun said something about a sprowt tree..... We have been sending massive massive vibes to Auntie Hayley an we are glad she is doing well. I am rarely on the puter now because Emma takes it with her to Place Mint which is where she goes to find kits for 2 foots who don't have any. Why don't they just get a Frenchie? ANYWAY Emma is putting her finking cap on to write the Black Buns song, and we would like to know if anyone has any speshul memories of Bentley to help with the verses. We think it will have to be very speshul to reflect such an impawtant bun. Also, with this chorus this is CRYING OUT to be a BunnyTune! Any advances? (also me an Emma think the video is loltastic!)
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