The 2foot game

I have something very very speshul to unveil to Lagomorphia, but first I will join in and play the 2 foot question game. You can ask anything, I know all her sneakrits and where she hides the digestive biscuits.


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Hugo died. A few hours ago he began having fits and couldn't hold himself upright, so I took him to the emergency vets who felt nothing else could be done for him, and I had to make the horrible decision to have him put to sleep.
Lola is fine, but I'm sitting in shock and can't stop crying. 


Auntie Emma again with an update on Hugo!

I took him along to the vets this morning, and he's being treated with Panacur for what may be the early stages of E.Cuniculli but the vet did say there was still a possibility he might just have bumped himself, he is a bit rowdy so it's not impossible. Anyway he's going to take the Panacur for nine days and see if he has any more episodes. I must admit I don't know much about EC but it sounds quite scary.

For now, Hugo and Lola have had their meds on a grape and are now snuggling up looking most content. You are all very wise bunnies!

Hugo help

Hi buns and 2foots,

This is Emma pinching the buns journal to ask a question. I'm a little worried about Hugo.....

A few days ago, Hugo did his first flop, but then was unable to get up. He had his back legs pointing straight out and didn't seem able to bend them to right himself. He got up on his front and dragged his legs, still pointing out, behind him. I saw this and rushed over to get him. When I picked him up and held him he was able easily to bend his legs again and hopped off happily giggling because he'd given me a fright.

He has just fallen in the cage while chasing Lola and had the same thing happen. Again when I picked him up his legs bent normally and he's now happily upright nomming his hay. I really didnt like seeing this for a second time so I just phoned our vets, who don't think there's much to worry about as he is only young (his jools haven't even descended yet) but it looks so unsettling, I had to ask if any of you have ever seen this before? His Uncle thinks it's just that he hasn't worked out how to get himself back up from that position yet but I had Dusty and Lola as babies and I never saw them do this. Has anybun any idea what this is or if I'm just being silly?

Auntie Emma 

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Sleep well, Teddy. Your friends will always remember you.

We have a song for you, Emma usually thinks of this as Dusty's song but we think we can share it with a boy who was just as special.

Much love and big bunny tears,
Emma, Lola and Hugo
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Dear me, it's been a while since Lola checked in with the rest of Lagomorphia hasn't it?

Anyway, hello everybun! I am Hugo Foucault von Fluffybottom Moose-Bun. I moved in with Lola Ana Sophie Moose-Bun in her cage two weeks ago. We have 2 2foots, Emma and Henry who we sometimes call Uncle Gay.
I am half lionhead and half mini lop so I have a fantabulous mane and a gorgeous black nose. Lola nipped me a lot in our first few days but then true love's arrow struck and she consented to groom me, followed by a brief interval humping my face. We are now snuggled together in our cage which the 2foots have just made clean, sweeping up all our gorgeous poo!
I am very excited to meet everybun, Lola has told me all about you! She hasn't done her journal much because she has been helping Emma with some nasty 2 foot buisness but that is done now so hopefully we will be posting a lot-especially when Emma finally settles on lyrics for the Black Buns song (she has written several but they don't feel quite right...)

I am gorgeous, and an absolutely stunning bun but there are no peektures of me yet because Emma hasn't got her camera back, stoopid wench. She will get it soon and then I will show you all how lovely I am. I think I could be a male supermodel.

I am going for a fur cut on Wednesday, Emma says I will stop weeing in the cage and Henry says I had better do or I am going in a pie. What does pie have to do with my lovely mane?

Very excited to meet you all,
Hugo Foucault von Fluffybottom Moose-Bun.

Chris Moose

It is my second Chris Moose! I am excited an I think Santa Bun said something about a sprowt tree..... We have been sending massive massive vibes to Auntie Hayley an we are glad she is doing well. I am rarely on the puter now because Emma takes it with her to Place Mint which is where she goes to find kits for 2 foots who don't have any. Why don't they just get a Frenchie? ANYWAY Emma is putting her finking cap on to write the Black Buns song, and we would like to know if anyone has any speshul memories of Bentley to help with the verses. We think it will have to be very speshul to reflect such an impawtant bun. Also, with this chorus this is CRYING OUT to be a BunnyTune! Any advances? (also me an Emma think the video is loltastic!)


I am excited to watch the Live Hay'd DVD. I was not born when Live Hay'd 2008 happened so it is extra speshul for me.

Anyway talking about tunes me and Emma have been finking, well I have been finking and Emma has been drinking tea and shouting at Uncle Gay to stop turning the heating off. And we've come up with a few ideas for BunnyTunes for the next Live Hay'd! We won't tell you about all of them right now because a) they are very much at the drawing board and b) Emma is too lazy to go and get her notebook. But my idea was that we could take this song:

and change it to Black Buns (You are Bootiful), what does everybun think? Emma reckons if she puts her clever hat on she could make lyrics that would be a tribute to Bentley Bun and tell the story of how he spread his seed far and wide......or something......

Love Lola